There are people we meet that don’t fit in.  They try, but they just don’t fit in.  Most of them feel bad about this because they feel that this is something that they are doing wrong and they can’t see that it is the group that is the problem.  When we compare them to a garden of flowers it is like seeing a bunch of little yellow flowers all growing together.  They are all the same and they all know they are beautiful and they all fit in.  Then there is a red flower growing there and they say “Oh NO. You can’t be here.  You are different, you don’t fit in.” But when we back up and look at the bigger picture, we can see that we are looking at a beautiful rose growing in a field of dandelions.  It is that rose that makes that garden worth something.  Each of us is that rose.

Petals of Crimson is a collaborative work by Kris Bolander and Sara Loveland.  It is a poem set to beautiful pictures that celebrates the beauty of women.  All profits from the sell of this poem and/or pictures  go to a non-profit organization helping women who have been affected by homelessness, domestic violence, rape, and other afflictions.

In 2013, We published our first book, Petals of Crimson.  This beautiful book contains original photography and a short message about self esteem that is appropriate for all ages.  It is a short book that is designed to be displayed and shared.

To order books and framed art please contact Kris @:




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